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EdgeIT Assist


Does your school or company struggle with managing warranty claims for devices?

Do you constantly have to deal with accidental damage claims & repair work?


Students or Staff left without a device while warranty/repair work is ongoing?

EdgeIT Assist has you covered!



What Is EdgeIT Assist?

Your All-In-One Warranty & Accidental Damage Insurance Cover!

At Edge Computers we don't only supply devices to our customers. We also manage existing devices under the school/business ownership. Through Edge's engineering & refurbishment department we have the necessary skills and experience to take warranty / accidental damage claims away from our customers to leave them to concentrate on their day-to-day work.

We don't only repair the devices, we refurbish them to Like-New standard or replace them with a new machine if necessary.


What's Included?

  • 1 - 5 Years Cover Available

  • All Warranty Claims to be dealt with by Edge Computers

  • Accidental Damage covered for the full term agreed

  • 10% Pool (Spare Units) supplied to cover any warranty / repair work (Optional & Flexible)

  • Optional Theft & Loss Cover

  • All Warranty/Repair Work is Refurbished to our Grade A Like-New Condition

  • Set Price on all devices with no hidden charges

Example (Without EdgeIT Assist):

  • A school currently has 200 laptops under ownership that have been assigned to students​.

  • Each week the IT Department is being called upon as the device is not turning on, the Trackpad has stopped working or the student has dropped the device and cracked the screen.

  • The IT Department then need to contact the manufacturer or their accidental damage insurance company and go through all the phone calls, Emails, Paperwork to get the device repaired.

  • During this time, the student is left without a device

Example (With EdgeIT Assist):

  • The IT Department send us an email reporting the fault

  • Edge Arrange collection of the device the next working day

  • IT Department assigns the student a new device from the "Pool"

  • Edge do the necessary Warranty Claim or Repair Work

  • Edge Refurbishes the device to Like-New Condition

  • The Device is sent back down to the school with a report of the work carried out

  • The IT Department assign the device back into their "Pool"

Before Repair


Fault Reported By Customer:

Cracked Screen

Faults Identified By Edge:

Drink Stain on Lid, Faded Lid

Pen Marks On Keyboard,

Faded Palm & Trackpad

Cracked Screen

Lid Before.jpg
Palm Before.jpg
Screen Before.jpg

Work Completed By Edge:

Vinyl & Polished Lid

Vinyl & Polished Palm & Trackpad

Re-Printed Keyboard

Replaced Digitizer & LCD Screen

After Repair

Lid After.jpg
Palm After.jpg
Screen After.jpg
Call us now for Enquiries on how EdgeIT Assist
can help your school / company

01244 421 916
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