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No learning time is lost, with free 10% additional pool units and a hassle-free collection, refurbish and replacement service.


Generate additional income for your school by raising up to £75,000 for your school in our 1:1  programme.


Zero risk options, with a fully managed programme, flexible payment terms, and an automated parent portal.

Move to 1-1 Digital learning and receive up to £75k funding for your school while improving student outcomes.

Why Choose Edge?

A typical programme includes:


Consultancy to develop a sustainable and affordable programme for the school and parents, with a focus on generating additional income for the school.

Risk-free to school, automated direct debits, for the collection of parental payments.

Hassle-free refurb and replacement service, including free 10% additional pool units to ensure not a minute of learning lost for students.

Download our 1:1 Guide
Edge 1-1 Programme Guide.PNG

Specialised process and support from Edge to help communicate the programme with staff, parents and the wider school community.


A focus on professional development of teaching staff and students to ensure the programme is effective and coherent in improving student outcomes.


Deployment support for IT staff to enable a hands-off roll-out of devices (Intune, imaging, asset tagging etc.).

Why 1:1 Devices?

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Student Achievements.png
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Equal Learning Opportunities

Equal access for all learners, for all learners. A fully comprehensive programme including free of charge devices for premium students, including better learning for all students.

Student Outcomes

Give parents the opportunity to improve their children's academic outcomes in school with a specalised, proven 1:1 programme.

The Future of Education Give your students a head start and be one of the many schools to adopt 1:1 digital learning; preparing students ready for the future workplace.

School Fund Raising

Raise up to £75,000 from our 1:1 programme via trade-in, parental contributions and vendor promotions of up to £200 cashback per unit.

Bishop Ramsey School

1:1 devices for education case study

Queen Elizabeth School

1:1 devices for education case study

1:1 Pricing Examples


Lenovo X13 Ryzen 3 Pro 4450U 8GB 256GB SSD 13.3" 1:1 Pricing Example


The school has secured an extra £77,540 by the end of the 36 months.


The school will also make savings on energy, print, IT hardware and resources


*Trade-In only available on certain models and is subject to availability


Calculate your own 1:1 scheme pricing by Clicking Here


To download our 1:1 Indicative Pricing List Click Here

Bishop Ramsey School Case Study


Vendor Education Promotions

Lenovo ConnectED

Earn up to £200 of your purchase price when you buy selected products and trade in ANY piece of qualifying Education Technology including computers, printers, interactive whiteboards and servers.

The promotion period runs from 3rd May 2022 to 30th April 2024.

HP Brighter Futures


Brighter Futures offers schools and colleges the chance to maximise their budgets by investing in new HP educational devices whilst gaining up to £150 when they trade-in their old devices.


Acer STEM Rewards

The Acer STEM Rewards Programme offers schools the chance to claim a range of exciting STEM-related rewards. For every Acer Chromebook or Windows based device purchased, schools can claim a TA STEM reward worth £10*. 

There's no minimum or maximum order required. All you need to provide is proof of purchase within 30 days of the invoice/delivery date. 

1:1 Readiness Research Programme Survey

A Focus on Learning


A device is just a tool that can support learning, but only if deployed correctly and utilised by confident teachers.


This is why Edge partners with TA Education to offer independent advice, guidance and training.


TA can help you develop a digital strategy and train your staff to ensure your 1:1 device programme has an impact on student outcomes.

TA Logo.png

Unlocking and inspiring Technology


Primary Goal offers a free recruitment service for any new apprentice recruits and can offer the very best quality digital apprenticeship programmes to upskill your existing staff.


This is why Edge partners with Primary Goal to offer independent advice, guidance and apprenticeship training.


Primary Goal can support your school with an independent training needs analysis to advise how to maximise the spend of your apprenticeship levy and/or take advantage of our levy sponsor partners.

Government fully funded programs to help schools achieve digital transformation


Contact our Education team now on 01962 587675 or email

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