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Edge Renewed

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Edge Computers supplies are ex-corporate, second hand computers. Varying from Grade A machines which are in great condition when received through to Grade D machines which are in need of high levels of refurbishment, the business has the processes and skills in place to make a low grade machine look completely brand new once refurbished.

The company guarantee that each product sold is professionally wiped clean, repaired, tested and then preinstalled with genuine software.

GRADE A Renewed

Affordable and Reliable Certified Refurbished Laptops.     

All our certified refurbished laptops are thoroughly, tested and confirmed on a number of inspection points prior to sale. 

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we stand behind every Certified Refurbished product  

with a 12 Month Warranty as standard and we are able to offer our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.

Quality Check process includes: 

  •  Visual inspection 

  •  Certified workbench diagnostics

  •  Workbench deep clean

  •  Professional factory refurbishment

  •  Genuine software installation

  •  Secondary inspection and upgrades

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