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1:1 Devices for Education


No learning time is lost, with free pool units and a hassle-free collection, refurb and replacement service.


Generate additional income for your school by unlocking value from legacy devices, collecting parental donations and claiming gift aid


Zero risk options, with a fully managed programme, flexible payment terms, and an automated parent portal.

Edge focuses on providing a complete 1:1 service focused on outcomes. We work with schools to explore all available options, including the financial models, the device, digital strategy and staff training.

A typical programme includes:


Consultancy to develop a sustainable and affordable programme for the school and parents, with a focus on generating additional income for the school.


Risk-free, automated finances, including the collection of parental donations and the processing of gift aid claims

Hassle-free refurb and replacement service, including free pool units to ensure no downtime for any students.

Download our 1:1 Guide
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Support communicating the programme with staff, parents and the wider school community


A focus on staff development to ensure a return on your investment for students


Deployment support for IT staff to enable a hands-off roll-out of devices.

Why Choose Edge?

Example Programmes

This programme is based on 200 devices at the cost of £10.50 per month per device, over 30 months.


  • The school charged parents £13 per month per device.

  • This created additional funds for pupil premium devices, staff training and insurance to cover scenarios such as a parent stopping their monthly donation.

  • Trade-in was also secured at £60 per device


The school has secured an extra £42,600 by the end of the 30 months.


The school will also make savings on energy, print, IT hardware and resources


*Trade-In only available on certain models and is subject to availability

Contact our Education team now on 01244 421 916 or email

Why 1:1 Devices?

Equitable Learning.png

Equitable Learning

Equal Access For All Learners, Supporting Social Mobility.

Student Achievements.png

Student Achievements Increased Engagement, Employable Digital Skills, Independent Learning.

Staff Efficiency.png

Staff Efficiency Reduced Workload, Time Savings, Improved Retention.

Financial Savings.png

Financial Savings Energy, Hardware, Printing, Infrastructure, Staff Time.

St John Fisher Primary School Case Study: 1:1 devices in Key Stage 2.

The Portsmouth Academy

Case Study: 1:1 devices in Key Stage 3.

A Focus on Learning


Equitable Learning

A device is just a tool that can support learning, but only if deployed correctly and utilised by confident teachers.


This is why Edge partners with TA Education to offer independent advice, guidance and training.


TA can help you develop a digital strategy and train your staff to ensure your 1:1 device programme has an impact on student outcomes.

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Microsoft Interactive Demos for Education

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